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People are talking about Bigfoot Trailers...Here are some reviews!

Hi I have just bought a very rare Bigfoot it is a 24 ft Columbia River Bigfoot and she is beautiful I thought my 1988 17.5 was great but this one is one of a kind and it is all mine. Going to be a big hit at 2011 BOCI Rally in beautiful Columbia River Valley. Rick......
~ Review by Rick Meyer , March 24, 2011

Just sold my 17.5/2008 trailer ....loved it ....want a 25ft now need more room...cant find one in calif...thxs kellie
~ Review by Kellie Scott , March 7, 2011

I own a 2004 25B21FB trailer - it's almost perfect... although I wish it had a front cargo box. High quality, well built and proud owner!! I moved up from a 1999 Coleman Westlake which was nice but no real comparison to my Bigfoot. I wish your company great success!
~ Review by Rob Kent, October 22, 2010

I do not have a Bigfoot but desperately want to own a 17ft. I let a 2005 17G slip through my hands after finding it on Craigslist. While I was trying to make up my mind whether I wanted to spend that much money on a travel trailer that old, another person snatched it up. That person got themselves a wonderful travel trailer, probably the best available, and I learned a lesson. The Bigfoot stands out from all the rest due to all the windows, the winter package, the floor plans, the storage space,and the spaciousness of the interior. The 17ft, with some of the options, is perfect for me and I want to buy one.
~ Review by Carole Hancock, August 30, 2010

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